Otter Crest Beach

• Otter Crest Beach is a small beach nestled between Otter and Finger Rocks
• Exploring the Devil's Punchbowl Arch from the bottom is only possible at very low tides

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Otter Crest Beach is a short 1,300 feet beach 8 miles away from Newport, tucked between Otter Rock on the south and Finger Rock on its north side. The area serves as a gateway to Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area. It simultaneously provides beachgoers and hikers with many adventures to enjoy!

The sandy beach with lots of rock formations leads you along the rocky cliff to Otter Rock and inside the cavern of the Devils Punchbowl Arch. The cliff wall is full of small caves and tide pools with various ocean creatures and vegetation. Otter Crest Beach is famous for beachcombing, rockhounding, and wildlife watching.

The intertidal area stretching from Cape Foulweather to Otter Rock is a designated marine garden. Therefore, fishing and removing any invertebrates, seaweeds, or wildlife are prohibited. To find out more check Oregon Marine Reserves Harvest Restrictions.

Beachcombing & Hiking

The parking area between the beach and Otter Crest Inn next to Spyglass Restaurant is public property - don't hesitate to use it. You will have to take a short walk to the 85-step staircase, which will take you down to the beach. You can walk into the Devils Punchbowl Arch during a very low tide. However, you must get out before the incoming tide! Otherwise, you will get stranded or washed off!

The beach is overall sandy except for some gravel at Dope Creek. Winter storms help remove the sand’s top layer revealing treasure underneath. Be on the lookout for loose gravel atop the sand. You do not have to be proficient in any specific technique. You do not require any equipment either (a gem scoop or geology pick could be helpful but not necessary). All you need is the intention to have fun and some water-resistant warm clothing.

The 0.4-mile easy hiking trail on the southern side of the Otter Crest Inn will take you to the top of the Devils Punchbowl Arch.

Wildlife Viewing

Tide pools at Otter Crest Beach are truly a sight to behold. When the tide is low, a variety of sea shells, ocean plants, saltwater creatures, and other marine life are revealed.

Enjoy the beauty of tide pools, but do not disturb the wildlife in or around the area. It can damage the delicate ecosystem of our coast. It is also illegal.

If you happen to see a seal pup on the sand, DO NOT APPROACH IT. Baby seals are left on the beach by their mothers for safety while they hunt. Disturbing the seal pups is against the law and may cause life-threatening injuries to you, your family, and your friends.

Otter Crest Beach
Otter Crest Beach
Devils Punchbowl Trail Otter Crest Point
Devils Punchbowl Trail
Otter Crest Beach
Otter Crest Beach Trail
Otter Crest Beach
Otter Crest Beach Sunset

Know Before You Go

  • Otter Crest Beach is an area protected by federal law, please respect boundaries and wildlife
  • Be prepared to walk down and up the long stairway
  • Check the tide table before you go to the beach.

Caution: Beware of changing tides, rip currents, driftwoods, sneaker waves and never turn your back to the ocean.

Otter Crest Beach: Camping & Lodging

The nearest campground is located at Beverly Beach State Park 1.5 miles away.

Inn at Otter Crest offers accommodations right at the beach with an opportunities to enjoy sunset from your room and even from the swimming pool.

Other lodging opportunities are available in Depoe Bay, 5 miles north or in Newport, 8 miles south.

Lodging in Depoe Bay

Lodging in Newport

Otter Crest Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round for day use

Amenities: Restroom, picnic tables
Activities: Hiking, nature viewing
Day-use fees: None

Otter Crest Beach is located:

  • 8 miles north of Newport
  • 76 miles west of Salem
  • 106 miles southwest of Portland.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Otter Crest Beach

From Newport,

  • Drive 8 miles north on Highway 101 to milepost 133 - south entrance of Devils Punchbowl Natural Area
  • Bear left onto Otter Crest Loop and drive 0.8 miles to Otter Crest Drive
  • Turn left onto Otter Crest Drive (Inn at Otter Crest sign) and follow 0.5 miles to the public area near the Spyglass Restaurant.

Otter Crest Beach - Get Google Map Directions

Other public parking spaces exist for Otter Crest Beach and the Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area. The first is right at the Devils Punchbowl Arch viewpoint, the second is down the road between B Avenue and C Avenue, and the third is between Second and Third Streets right off of C Avenue. So make sure you park at one of those public parking lots and not in the neighborhood.

Devils Punchbowl State Natural Area - Get Google Map Directions

Attention Fellow Beachgoers

Unfortunately, our beautiful Pacific Northwest beaches are stained with trash, especially plastic. We at Oregon Discovery, as well as other unaffiliated groups of nature lovers, made a commitment to do our part in keeping our beaches clean, but we need your help too!

Whenever you go out to enjoy nature at your favorite spot, please bring a trash bag or two and help us pick up garbage. Even picking up a little bit here and there will make a huge long-term difference.

Please, help us save our beautiful nature for generations to come!

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