Quartzville Creek Swimming

The Quartzville Back Country Byway runs along the waters of Foster Lake, Green Peter Reservoir, and Quartzville Creek. A part of the byway from Green Peter Reservoir to Galena Creek in the Willamette National Forest is designated as the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System for purposes to preserve natural and recreational values. The creek received its name because of large quartz formations that have been found in this area.

While driving along the scenic corridor, you'll enjoy old-growth forest on the banks of the wild emerald river, rock outcroppings, and gorgeous vista of Cascades peaks including Mount Jefferson.

Panning for gold and rockhounding are some of the popular hobbies for recreational mineral collectors on the route. A 9.6-mile portion of the creek on a single-lane paved roadway is the most famous for white water rafting, recreational rockhounding, fishing, and swimming.

You can camp on public lands between Quartzville Road and Creek along the corridor. There may be many people along the Quartzville Recreation Corridor but there are numerous great swimming's spots where you can enjoy secluded swimming.


There are many safe pools for wading and swimming along Quartzville Drive and most of them are astonishingly beautiful. The bright green calm or rushing waters are surrounded by moss-covered rocks and cliff walls. The river water is always cold even in the peak summer season.

Drive along Quartzville Recreation Corridor and you will find your favorite swimming spot.

Turnout 1

The first stop is located 0.6 miles upstream from the Quartzville Creek County Group Campground. It is a short easy access to the creek from the road turnout.

The deep clear water with its incredible turquoise color, flat rocks for sunbathing, underwater ledges - all of those make this spot unique.

GPS: N 44°32.394' W 122°26.163' | 44.5399,-122.43605

Quartzville Creek Swimming

Quartzville Creek Swimming

Turnout 2

The swimming hole is situated 0.4 miles downstream from the Dogwood Picnic Area. There is a short but steep trail to the creek on the left from the turnout.

One side of the large beach is composed of boulders and pebbles. The opposite bank is lined by a rocky wall. This spot features shallow with rapids and deep calm spots with underwater ledges areas. The crystal clear water impresses with its intensive emerald-green color.

GPS: N 44°32.940' W 122°25.440' | 44.549, -122.424

Quartzville Creek Swimming

Quartzville Creek Simming Hole

Turnout 3

The turnout is located 1 mile downstream from the Dogwood Picnic Area. There is a short trail to a swimming area.

The bank is lined with large boulders and pebbles. There is a rock wall across the creek. The marvelous green-water pool has shallow with rapids and deep calm spots with underwater ledges areas.

GPS: N 44°33.360' W 122°25.200' | 44.556, -122.42

Quartzville Creek Swimming Area

Quartzville Creek

Turnout 4

The swimming hole near turnout 4 is located 2 miles downstream from the Dogwood Picnic Area. There is a short trail to a beach that is composed of large boulders and pebbles.

The opposite bank is a rock wall. The transparent green pool has shallow and deep spots.

GPS: N 44°33.744' W 122°24.780' | 44.5624, -122.413

Quartzville Creek Swimming Area

Quartzville Creek

Yellowbottom Recreation Site

Yellowbottom Recreation Site One of the best destination among other excellent swimming holes along the Quartzville Creek Wild and Scenic River, the Yellowbottom Recreation Site offers comfortable swimming in a big natural pool and rock jumping...


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Driving Directions

From I-5,

  • Take exit 228 for OR-34 East toward Lebanon
  • Turn left onto OR-34 East and follow 5.4 miles to Airport Drive
  • Merge onto Denny School Road on the right and continue onto Airport Drive for 2.2 miles to US-20
  • Turn right onto US-20 East/Main Street and drive for about 19 miles to Quartzville Road
  • Turn left onto Quartzville Road/Quartzville Drive and follow along Quartzville Creek Recreation Corridor.


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