South Harney Lake Hot Springs

South Harney Lake Hot Springs

South Harney Lake Hot Springs

South Harney Lake Hot Springs

South Harney Lake Hot Springs

Surrounded by tall grass and countless sage brushes, South Harney Lake Hot Springs is located at the southeastern edge of the Harney Lake, inside a caldera of the 1,500 square-mile Harney Basin. The basin was formed over 30 thousand years ago by the volcanic activity when lava flows separated the watershed of the basin from the Malheur River.

One of the hottest springs of the Harney Basin with distinctive sulfur ("rotten eggs") smell, South Harney Lake Hot Springs are formed by a series of geothermal seeps with great flow (over 450 liters per minute). The temperature of the geothermal sources is about 140-150 degrees F. The hot mineral water from the colorful pond runs into a natural channel and then diverted into two dug-out pools.

Note. The hot springs are located on private land, public access to the hot springs is not allowed.

General Description

Access: Not allowed by owners

Elevation: 4,100 ft (1,250 m)

Water Properties

Water T° (source): 140-153°F (60-67°C)
Water acidity level: Neutral (pH=7.26)
Type of the springs: Sodium Bicarbonate Chloride
Flow rate: 450 l/min

"Chemical and Isotopic Data for Water from Thermal Springs and Wells of Oregon ". 1980. United States Department of the Interior Geological Survey.

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  1. While the hot springs themselves are on private land, the water flowing from them then flows through the boundary of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge; where the soaking pools have been dug. There is a fence with a gate in it that allows access, so though camping is only allowed on the refuge at the Page Springs Campground I have camped there several times.
    The water is actually too hot to soak in at the source until it has flowed downstream and cooled off some.

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