Whiskey Run Beach Southern Oregon Rockhounding

• Whiskey Run Beach was a hotspot during the mid-1800s gold rush
• It is one of the few beaches where you can drive directly to the sand

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Whiskey Run Beach is a wide, flat stretch of sand extending 2.5 miles between Merchant Beach and Bullard Beach. It's a fantastic spot for rockhounding, hiking, horseback riding, and surfing.

Located 9 miles north of Bandon and is part of the Seven Devils State Recreation Site. Its main attraction is its seclusion; it is rarely crowded, even during summer weekends.

To reach Whiskey Run Beach, head to the small paved parking area at the end of Whiskey Run Road. From there, a short trail leads you directly to the beach.

While the beach is open to vehicles, the entry road is steep, rocky, and often muddy, so a four-wheel-drive vehicle with high clearance is recommended to avoid getting stuck.

The beach access point has no amenities except restrooms.


Whiskey Run Beach Gold Rush

In 1853, Whiskey Run Beach became the site of an unexpected gold rush. Miners discovered rich deposits of gold within the dark black sands near the mouth of Whiskey Run Creek, igniting a rush of fortune hunters.

Hundreds of prospectors flocked to the beach, panning for gold and establishing the boomtown of Randolph.

Although a massive winter storm in 1855 stripped the beach of its valuable gold-filled sands and led to Randolph's decline, Whiskey Run's allure remained.

Over the years, various mining operations, including hydraulic and dredging ventures, continued extracting gold from the beach and offshore sands.

Even today, modern-day prospectors are still sifting through the sands in search of tiny specks of gold and platinum.

Why the beach is called Whiskey Run?

The origin of the name "Whiskey Run Beach" is tied to local lore and historical anecdotes. One popular story suggests that the name comes from miners and settlers transporting whiskey barrels down the creek to the beach.

This "whiskey run" was a way to supply the miners and the nearby settlement of Randolph with alcohol, a highly sought-after commodity during the gold rush era.

Whiskey Run Beach Southern Oregon Rockhounding


At low tide, you can walk north to Fivemile Point, a rocky section of the beach. During high tide, you can use a trail over the rocks above the beach.

Horseback Riding

The long, uninterrupted stretches of sand make Whiskey Run Beach ideal for horseback riding. You can enjoy this less-crowded beach's scenic views and serene atmosphere. Be sure to check tide schedules to avoid high tides, especially around Fivemile Point.

Beachcombing & Rockhounding

Whiskey Run Beach is popular among beachcombers and rockhounds. Here, you can find unique rocks, shells, and other treasures washed up by the waves. The most common minerals here are quartz, agate, jasper, and petrified wood.

The best rockhounding spots are on the banks of Whiskey Run Creek and inside the creek. Also, during the winter season, at low tide, you have the best chance to find interesting rocks on the beach.

Surfing & Windsurfing

Whiskey Run Beach attracts surfers and windsurfers with its consistent waves and open space. This is a perfect, quiet spot away from the more crowded surf locations.

Whiskey Run Beach Southern Oregon Rockhounding

Whiskey Run Beach Camping, Lodging & Vacation Rentals

There is no camping at the beach, but Bullards Beach State Park nearby has a large campground. It is well-protected from strong ocean winds and has over 200 campsites including full-hookup and electrical with water sites, yurts, horse and hiker-biker camps.

Six campsites and three yurts are accessible for individuals with disabilities.

The campground is open all year. Reservations can be made up to 6 months in advance through the Oregon State Parks reservation system.

For those seeking more comfortable accommodations, Bandon, just a couple of miles south, offers a wide range of lodging options.

Lodging in Bandon

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay in Bandon


Whiskey Run Beach | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Restrooms
Activities: Hiking, biking, horseback riding, beachcombing, rockhounding, surfing, & nature viewing
Day-use fees: None

Whiskey Run Beach is located:

  • 69 miles southwest of Florence
  • 81 miles west of Roseburg
  • 137 miles southwest of Eugene.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Whiskey Run Beach

From Highway 101 in Bandon,
  • Take US-101 North
  • Turn left onto Seven Devils Road and follow it for 2.8 miles
  • Turn left onto Whiskey Run Lane and follow it for 1.4 miles.
Address: Whiskey Run Ln, Bandon, OR 97411

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