Crissey Field State Recreation Site Crissey Beach South Oregon Beach Rockhounding Winchuck River

• Crissey Field State Recreation Site was once an airfield
• Crissey Field Beach is a highly productive beachcombing and rockhounding spot

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Crissey Field State Recreation Site and the beach are located near Brookings at the Oregon-California Border, making it your first or last stop depending on whether you enter or leave the State.

Crissey Field State Recreation Site is a developed 40-acre park spread near the picturesque Winchuck River. The sandy beach nearby is perfect for a peaceful stroll, running with your dog, surfing, rockhounding, picnicking, and fishing for surfperch.

The site is named after the Crissey Airport, the abandoned airfield from which it grew and spread. What used to be a runway is now a beach access footpath.

Crissey Field Beach is primarily clean sand, with coarse sand and gravel concentrated at the north end closer to the river.

Crissey Field is fairly well sheltered from the ocean winds. That, understandably, does not add many points to its windsurfing suitability, but clearly adds a lot to it as a wonderful place for leisurely strolls and relaxing picnics.

In summer, the river turns into a creek that can be easily forded from Crissey Field Beach to Winchuck Beach and back.

Brookings Welcome Center - Travel Oregon

The Crissey Field Welcome Center is a 4,500-square-foot building staffed by both State Park and Forest Service employees who can provide information about Oregon and its natural features. Brochures covering the entire State are also available.

The Center's unique features include geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels, and precisely timed water and lights to minimize waste.

Crissey Field State Recreation Site Crissey Beach South Oregon Beach Rockhounding Winchuck River
Winchuck River


On the low tide and during summer, you can go north, ford Winchuck River, and hike from Crissey Beach to Winchuck Beach and McVay Rock State Recreation Site.

Alternatively, you can walk south to cross the border with California.

Crissey Field State Recreation Site has three easy hiking trails with minimal elevation gain, ranging from 22 to 26 feet. Easy does by no means equal boring. Those hiking trails will take you through ancient driftwood logs, miniature wetlands, and old-growth Sitka spruce trees.

Rockhounding And Beachcombing

The beach at Crissey Field is a prime rockhounding location, even during summer months. The best gravel bed is at the river mouth, where you can discover agates, red and green jasper, quartz, jade, and other treasures. The nearby McVay area offers a similar rockhounding experience.

The whole river-adjacent upper part of the beach is full of various ocean gifts. Driftwood, especially. It comes in all shapes and sizes and is super popular among artists and collectors looking for a unique decoration piece. Makeshift shelters made from driftwood are a frequent occurrence, too.

Wildlife Watching

The park is an excellent spot for nature lovers, with birds, harbor seals, and California sea lions frequenting the area.

Native plants and wetlands in the park are great for bird and wildlife watching during your leisurely strolls.

Crissey Field State Recreation Site Crissey Beach South Oregon Beach Rockhounding Winchuck River

Crissey Field State Recreation Site Camping, Lodging & Vacation Rentals

No camping is allowed at the park or on the beach. The nearest lodging is in Brookings.

Lodging in Brookings

Affordable vacation rentals for short and long term stay in Brookings

Crissey Field State Recreation Site | Facts

Open: Year-round
Managed by: Oregon State Parks

Amenities: Restrooms, picnic tables, visitor's center
Activities: Hiking, beachcombing, rockhounding, fishing, picnicking & nature viewing

Day-use fees: None

Crissey Field State Recreation Site is located:

  • 38 miles southeast of Gold Beach
  • 91 miles southwest of Grants Pass
  • 160 miles southwest of Roseburg.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Crissey Field State Recreation Site

From Highway 101 in Brookings,

  • Take US-101 South and follow it for 5.6 miles
  • Turn right onto the park's driveway.

Phone: (800)551 6949

US 101, Brookings, OR 97415

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