Rochester Covered Bridge

• Rochester Covered Bridge is a piece of Oregon's architectural heritage
• Local armed residents protected the bridge from a threat of destruction

Situated just 3 miles west of Sutherlin and 15 miles north of Roseburg in Douglas County, the Rochester Covered Bridge spans Calapooya Creek along Rochester Road. This historic Howe truss bridge, measuring 80 feet (24 m) in length, accommodates vehicle traffic with a recommended speed limit of 15 miles per hour.

Constructed in 1933 by Floyd Frear, the bridge replaced its aging predecessor, which had been decommissioned due to the effects of time. While the exact completion date of the original bridge remains unknown, historical records suggest it may have been as early as 1862.

Bridge Design

The bridge features four curved top windows on both sides, portals with flat-arched openings, four windows on each side, and exposed decorative beams at each gable end of the bridge. Described as "unique among Oregon's housed structures" by Historic Highway Bridges of Oregon, the Rochester Bridge is a captivating blend of functionality and aesthetic appeal.

In 1969, the bridge underwent a through remodeling, involving the replacement of portal boards, abutments, and approaches.

Fight For The Bridge

In the late 1950s, county workers set another covered bridge on fire to remove it and make space for a concrete bridge. In response, local residents, armed and determined, stood guard over the Rochester Bridge through the night, protecting it from a similar fate. The following day, county commissioners pledged to preserve the structure, securing its place in history and the hearts of the community.


Rochester Covered Bridge
Side View

Rochester Covered Bridge | Facts

Architectural Bridge Design: Howe truss
Bridge access:

Stream: Calapooya Creek
Bridge Length: 80 ft (24 m)

Built (Original): 1862
Built (Current): 1933

Remodeled: 1969

Open: Year-round

Elevation: 380 feet

Rochester Covered Bridge is located:

  • 3 miles southeast of Sutherlin
  • 15 miles north of Roseburg
  • 61 miles southwest of Eugene.

Adventures Nearby

Directions to Rochester Covered Bridge

From Sutherlin,

  • Take W Central Ave for 1.5 miles
  • Continue onto OR-138 W for 1.1 miles
  • Turn right onto Stearns Lane and follow it for 0.4 miles
  • Turn left onto Rochester Bridge Road towards the bridge.

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