Scotts Mills Falls

• Scotts Mills Falls is a first site where the best grist mills in Oregon was established
• A wide waterfall cascades through the rocky cliff into the large plunge pool

Scotts Mills County Park

Scotts Mills Falls

Butte Creek

Scotts Mills Falls

Located on the Butte Creek, Scotts Mills County Park is known for its natural beauty. The 13 acres of lands at Scotts Mills Falls was donated by Portland General Electric and the Haskins family. It was acquired by the Marion County, developed and opened to public in 1961.

The park signature attraction, Scotts Mills Falls are 10 feet tall and 40 feet wide. The falls cascade through the rocky cliff just under a concrete dam with mill sluice remnants that have been used to divert water of the creek. Scotts Mills Park boasts an array of fun activities for visitors especially during the summer months. The warm creek water spurs activities such as wading and craw fishing above the falls as well as swimming and jumping off the rocks below the falls, where the water is deep.

There are picnic tables, playground, ball field available in the park.


Scotts Mills Brief History

Located in the heart of the Willamette Valley, a small town on the Butte Creek, Scotts Mills is the very first site where one of the best grist mills in Oregon was established. Well, let's unearth some of the history surrounding the town of Scotts Mills and Scotts Mills County Park.

Thomas McKay built a saw mill on the Butte Creek in 1847. The saw mill later turned into a grist mill under the contraction of Rice Dunbar and Lewis Thomas. The grist mill's ownership changed hands later on when it was sold to Joshua Bowman who sold it Robert Hall Scott in 1866.

The newly acquired business enterprise was co-run by his brother Thomas Scott, both born in Roxburyshire, Scotland. A settlement received its name - Scotts Mills in 1866. In 1887, the post office was open and Thomas Scott became its first postmaster.

Thomas Scott sold over 2000 acres of land to Oregon Land Development Company in 1893. The company, in a move to fill up and settle the land, inculcated members of the Friends Church. While the company survived for 12 years since its incorporation, it shut down in 1902 due to extreme bankruptcy leading to loss of property to buyers.

The town of Scotts Mills was officially incorporated in 1916. Before that, however, the small town has the mills, prospective mining site and a prune packing firm. A bank, hotel, stores, coffin factory, schools and gas stations complimented the town and set it on its path to even more vibrant growth.

Barely five decades later, the ever-changing economy proved too much of a force to the archaic businesses and they started closing one after the other.

On 25th March, 1993, Scotts Mills was hit by a 5.6 earthquake with the epicenter 3 miles east of the town. Nobody was injured.

Since PGE stopped using Scotts Mills Dam in 1950s, it has being decaying for many years. Pieces of the structure has fallen into the pool below the dam creating risks of life-threatening accidents for those jumping off the dam or rocks.

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife proposed to remove the dam's structure to reduce hazards and give a path for salmon to swim to its native spawning grounds. The dam removal is scheduled for September 2020.


Scotts Mills Falls | General Description

Open: May 1 - October 31
Managed: Marion County
Location: Scotts Mills County Park

Services: Picnic tables,  playground, ADA restrooms
Accommodations: No overnight camping in the park - day-use only
Distance from the parking: Short
Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: None
Restrictions: Smoking and alcohol are prohibited

Activities: Swimming, wading, picnicking, hiking, and fishing
Dogs: Must be on a leash
Popularity: Moderate to high

Elevation: 440 ft (122 m)

Scotts Mills Park is located:

  • 8 miles east of Silverton
  • 22 miles northeast of Salem
  • 40 miles south of Portland
  • 85 miles northeast of Eugene.

Swimming hole rating: 3 out of 5
Water body: Creek, waterfall
Water quality: Transparent
Current: Light to moderate
Depth: Deep and shallow
Beach: Bedrock and river rocks
Water T° (summer): Cool to warm

Directions to Scotts Mills Falls

From Silverton,

  • Take Highway OR-213 and drive 4.8 miles to Mt Angel Scotts Mills Road
  • Turn right onto Mt Angel Scotts Mills Road and follow 2.7 miles to Crooked Finger Road
  • Turn right onto Crooked Finger Road and continue 0.2 miles to the destination.

GPS: N 45°2.467' W 122°39.866' | 45.04111, -122.66444

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