Shellburg Falls

• Shellburg Falls is a hidden beauty deep in the Santiam State Forest
• Shelburg Creek drops over a basalt ledge into a small misty pool

Shellburg Falls Road
Shellburg Falls Road
Shellburg Falls
Moss-Covered Arches
Shellburg Falls - Grotto
Behind the Waterfall
Shellburg Falls Trail

The 100-foot spectacular Shellburg Falls is a hidden beauty deep in the ancient Santiam State Forest along the Stout Creek Canyon, 25 miles east of Salem. Shellburg Creek drops over a basalt ledge into a small misty pool that is surrounded by mossy boulders and rocks. A few hundred yards downstream the creek brings its water to Lower Shellburg Falls that is visible from the Shellburg Road near the bridge and picnic area.

Shellburg Falls Recreation Area is managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry and offers a variety of recreational outdoors opportunities including camping, hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding while enjoying untouched natural scenery, waterfalls and wildlife.

There are a few developed trails connecting with each other. Their total distance is roughly 6 miles. All hikes initially starts from the parking area and locked gate at the Lower Shellburg Falls Trailhead. The excellent gravel Shellburg Road provides an easy and refreshing 1.3-mile hike to a junction of trails. The first portion of the road goes through the private land and pastures with livestock. Some cows can cross the road. So, give them enough space and keep dogs on the leash.

After about one mile of hiking, you will enter in the Santiam State Forest, the lush moss-covered wooded area full of Douglas-firs and Hemlock trees. Go next 0.3 miles to the concrete Shellburg Creek Bridge. The bridge is an excellent viewing point over the crest of 40-foot Lower Shellburg Falls and, also, is a start point of all other trails.


Shellburg Falls Trail

Shellburg Falls Trail to Shellburg Falls is the most popular. Take the route on the left of the bridge that starts from the wooden staircase and hike up 0.3 miles straight along the creek side. Soon you will hear and then see Upper Shelburg Falls. You can either walk down through moss-covered arches to an observation deck and the waterfall base or continue on the trail that runs behind the waterfall inside a large cavern. The grotto has been naturally formed within thousands of years by water which gradually eroded loose sediments.

After the trail passes the cavern, it runs along the stream, crosses two bridges and reaches the Upper Trailhead with a parking lot (open May 20 through the end of October).

Shellburg Falls trail is for hiking only. This trail is considered easy in difficulty, however, some parts of it such as steep stairs could be challenging for some hikers.

Be cautious during winters and early springs. A portion of the trail in the cavern at the time of high water flow might get pretty slippery and muddy. Use good judgment and quality hiking boots.

Shellburg Falls Recreational Area has a small campground with four camp sites. There are no overnight fees required. The campground has a hand pump well, picnic tables, fire rings, grills, restroom, and trash service. The campground is accessible to vehicles from May through October and closed the rest of the year.

Stasel Falls Trails

After crossing the bridge over Shellburg Creek, hike up 0.2 miles on Shellburg Road until the road begins to head uphill and to the left. On the left you will see sign for August Mountain Trail and just accross the road on the right you will find a trail between large boulders. As the trail itself branches out, take the left footpath that leads to the top of the 125-foot Stasel Falls. Only short 0.15-mile walk and you will hear and see the cascading waterfall. Stasel Falls features a freestanding basalt pillar.

This trail isn't very well maintained and the viewpoint is located on an unprotected cliff, so it isn't recommended for children and inexperienced hikers.

Since the top viewpoint is on the public land but the waterfall itself is on the private land, you cannot trespass and explore its base.

Lower Shellburg Falls
Lower Shellburg Falls
Stasel Falls
Stasel Falls

August Mountain Trail

The 1-mile single track August Mountain Trail starts from Shellburg Road. You can cross the bridge over Shellburg Creek at Lower Shellburg Falls, and walk 0.2 miles until the road begins to head uphill and to the left. On the left you will see sign for August Mountain Trail.

Also, after crossing Shellburg Bridge you can go left up the stairs. Watch the signboard on the right. Tie-In Trail links to August Mountain Trail.

This intermediate difficulties multi-use trail climbed to junction with 0.7-mile Vine Maple Loop Trail (hiking only) which leads to Upper Shellburg Falls Trailhead and links to Shellburg Creek Trails.

Shellburg Creek Trail

The 1.2-mile Shellburg Creek Trail is a multi-use trail for hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. While there is no waterfall to enjoy on this trail, it will lead you through the picturesque forest and let you enjoy the beauty of local vegetation as well as to see the forest’s fauna.

This trail links August Mountain Trail and Lost Lake Trail. The multi-use Lost Lake Trail is considered as difficult and leads to Silver Falls State Park.

Shellburg Falls | General Description

Open: Year-round
Managed: Oregon Department of Forestry
Location: Santiam State Forest

Services: None
Activities: Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, nature viewing
Accommodations: 4 campsites campground

Distance from the parking:
1.5 miles from Lower Shellburg Falls Trailhead (year-round)
0.4 miles from Upper Shellburg Falls Trailhead (May 20-October 31)
Road access: Any passenger vehicle
Day-use fees: Free
Popularity: Low to moderate

Elevation: 1,400 ft (427 m)

Shellburg Falls is located:

  • 24 miles east of Salem
  • 67 miles south east of Portland
  • 77 miles northeast of Eugene.

Total height: 100 feet (30 m)
Total width: 10 feet (3 m)
Tributary: Underground springs
Watercourse: Shellburg Creek
Number of drops: One
Average flow rate: 20cubic feet per second
Primary form: Plunge
Pitch: 90 degrees
Seasonality: 12 months


From I-5,

  • Take exit 253 in Salem towards Detroit
  • Travel 22 miles east to the first flashing light
  • Turn left onto Fern Ridge Road and go 1.3 miles to the Shellburg Falls parking area on the right.

Park your car and hike 1.3 miles on gravel Shellburg Road to the Shellburg Bridge.

GPS (waterfall): N 44°48.728' W 122°36.488' | 44.81213, -122.60813

GPS (trailhead): N 44°48.283' W 122°37.610' | 44.80472, -122.62683

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