The Garibaldi history is one of many chapters of that Oregon's history, from the life of Indigenous Americans and first pioneers to the present day.

Native Americans and First Settlers

Garibaldi history extends far beyond the first European explorers and settlers. Tillamook people had been lived in the area from the Tillamook Head to Cape Foulweather for 12,000 years before the arrival of first outsiders.

The first Europeans who arrived here were Captain Robert Gray with a crew on his ship Lady Washington. They arrived at Tillamook Bay in 1788 and ended up in a conflict with a native population.

In 1806, the Lewis and Clark expedition had a peaceful visit and recorded that 2,400 Tillamook people were living on the Oregon coast. With the arrival of European settlers, the native population suffered because of newly introduced diseases, and by 1930 there were only 22 native people residing in Tillamook County.

Town Creation and Source of the Name

In 1870, Daniel Bayley started the settlement by building a post office and the Greentree Hotel. Bayley named the town Garibaldi after the Italian general and Republican political leader Giuseppe Garibaldi. The general is considered a national hero for his contribution to unifying the country and creating the Kingdom of Italy.

Garibaldi History

The Economy of the City

The first train passed Garibaldi on the way from Portland to Tillamook on October 9, 1911. Once Garibaldi got connected to Transcontinental Railroad, the timber industry exploded adding to the prosperity brought by the fishing industry.

In the 40s, the Coast Highway was complete allowing for easy and quick car access to and from the town, adding to the economic growth and simplifying tourism.

Modern-Day Garibaldi

The town's economy still heavily revolves around fishing and seafood processing. However, it also became a fantastic spot to escape the hustle and bustle of larger cities, eat freshly caught seafood, have a drink at one of the local bars, and enjoy the Oregon coast.

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